May 2019

Cooking Class at Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio

Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio cooked up a St. Patrick’s Day feast on March 5. The menu: Guinness stew, corned beef and sauerkraut bake, shepherd’s pie and a sticky toffee pudding. If you’ve dreamed of being a master chef in your own kitchen, check out one of their monthly classes and earn your chops! 

Mosaic Gym Grand Opening

March 15 was epic for local rock-climbing enthusiasts—Mosaic Climbing opened its mammoth (dare we say mountainous?) gym. Regardless of skill level, this mega-center has something for everyone—an oversized bouldering area and towering rope-climbing space, plus yoga and fitness rooms. Owners Nicole Brown and Chris Shortwell welcomed more than 100 climbers for the debut event—with plenty of room to spare.