Cozy Up Your Home

Take a cue from the Scandinavian concept of hygge and welcome the transition of summer to autumn with a relaxing refresh Pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon and a hot cup of cocoa. Fall is all about getting warm and comfy as a chill hits the air—preparing yourself for winter, and cherishing those final moments of summer.  … Continued

Turning Heads

They say never judge a book by its cover. But most of us do anyway, especially when it comes to houses. After all, if you take a drive down just about any street in America, you’ll surely find yourself making mental notes of what you do and don’t like about each house. This phenomenon, aptly called “curb appeal” has had us fascinated…

Subtle Stunners

Truth: constant maintenance is the only real constant in home ownership. When you’re not fixing a leaky faucet or installing a new air conditioner, you get to turn your attention to the “fun” stuff, like trading in the ugly brown carpet running up your stair steps for hardwood or repainting your living room to give it a more modern feel.

Brick by Brick

When you look at your backyard, what do you see? Do you gaze upon weedy grass and an aging deck and imagine that you have a gorgeous hardscaped patio, pergola, fire pit or barbecue, a la Clark Griswold peering out his kitchen window in Christmas Vacation? Or do you look out to find the patio you’ve always wanted, finished to…

Green Giant

When Joe Tekulve launched his high school lawn-mowing business 31 years ago, he probably didn’t anticipate that it would grow into one of the city’s premier landscaping businesses. From landscape installation and certified irrigation contracting to lighting, pavers and retaining walls, Joe and his crew of 35 (peak season) employees are the secret weapons behind some of the loveliest local lawns and gardens.…

Blind Love

“My specialty is consultation. I come to your home, ask questions … I find out exactly how you use a room, how things need to work.”

Hot Off the Press

While the bold, graphic lines and mid-mod feel of Ink + Craft’s nature-inspired linocut prints may seem appealingly simple, the process is anything but. From choosing the perfect materials to meticulously sketching, planning and executing each print, the process takes tremendous patience and skill.