Built for Style

Planning a luxury master closet is no easy feat. From custom shelving to lighting unique islands, it’s a huge project for any homeowner to tackle, but one that hopefully ends up delivering the closet of their dreams.

From Gutted to Glorious

Maria Bevington opens her front door with a sunny smile. Immediately, she makes you feel welcome. Comfortable. At home, even though it’s not your own. Her husband, Chad, joins you, adding to the warmth and ease. No surprise that the Bevingtons’ open kitchen—rather, their entire first floor—emits those same feelings of cozy reception. Sit down, the room seems to say.…

Wooded Bliss

When Karl and Karrin Schaulin were ready to build their dream retirement home, there was no question in choosing John Hill to take on the challenge.

Saddle Up

Tucked away amid one of Loveland’s sprawling subdivisions lies an unassuming treasure of a home. From the street, a charming gate opens with a dramatic pause, but that’s where the theatrics end—this house was made to be lived in.