Motivation & Mindset

We’ve all been there. Sweaty palms, churning stomach, did I study enough? Exams are passed out; we pick up our pencil and whisper a short prayer that the all-nighter spent studying wasn’t for naught. We’ve got exactly one hour to complete a herculean test we know in the depths of our souls we’re probably not going to pass.

Loveland Soul

With more than 25,000 records in stock, downtown Loveland’s Plaid Room Records queues up a head-spinning inventory of great music by both classic and contemporary artists.

By the Numbers

You know from the moment you walk through the glass doors of Bob Johnson’s Mathnasium learning center that you’ll walk out having learned something. From the math-related illustrations on the walls to the quotes from students and mathematicians, anywhere you look, you can’t help but feel the love for learning.  

Law & Order

As the son of an orthodontist, Steve Wolterman didn’t set out to become an attorney. In fact, he considered following in his father’s footsteps but found himself more interested in business.

The Road to Rich’s

Talking Competition, Family and Life with a CrossFit Legend Article Nicolette Martin | Photography Paul Versluis About 80 miles east of Nashville, among the winding roads of Putnam County, Tennessee, between a brick house and an old red barn, there’s a gravel road. It’s easy to miss in the expanse of rolling hills that, in … Continued