Kids Helping Kids

Feeling inspired is easy. Acting on that inspiration? That’s the hard part. Most adults have trouble mobilizing their hopes and dreams—it’s even rarer still for children. But Loveland High School twins Alex and Hannah Laman were the exception, co-founding Adopt a Book in the fall of 2011 when they were just 8 years old.

Wonder Women

“Most people in the community still don’t know what we do up here. They don’t know who we are … what our mission is.”

Cycle Up

“We wanted to create a community … we wanted our riders to know each other, to keep coming back because of the friends they made here. We were vested in that from the beginning.”

See Change

World traveler, credentialed teacher and longtime Loveland local, Evangeline DeVol has not only built a program that’s a force of nature—but one of nurture.