Make Tracks

A touch of bold, a bit of wild. A hint of ferocity that turns heads, makes you feel like you’re going places—and getting there in enviable style.

Turning Heads

They say never judge a book by its cover. But most of us do anyway, especially when it comes to houses. After all, if you take a drive down just about any street in America, you’ll surely find yourself making mental notes of what you do and don’t like about each house. This phenomenon, aptly called “curb appeal” has had us fascinated…

Community Strong, Activity-Driven

“Ohio’s playground headquarters,” Recreations Outlet has been happily serving the Greater Cincinnati area for more than 25 years. They’ve provided many of the playsets, trampolines and wooden swing sets families already depend on and offer two showrooms (in Milford and Columbus) for on-site play.

From Puppies to Penguins

There are 85 million pet owners in the United States. That means 68% of people own at least one pet—animals ranging from dogs to fish to everything in between. All of those pets need food, shelter and love. And although it’s true that it may be easier to show love to a dog or cat than to an aquarium full…

Good Dog

Sampson is a special dog—not just because of his silky short hair, pointed perky ears or oh-so-sweet puppy dog eyes. It’s hard to imagine the abuse he suffered in a cramped crate without food or water. Covered with raw spots, no muscle tone in his rear legs, he weighed only 15 pounds. The veterinarian gave him just days to live.

Kids Helping Kids

Feeling inspired is easy. Acting on that inspiration? That’s the hard part. Most adults have trouble mobilizing their hopes and dreams—it’s even rarer still for children. But Loveland High School twins Alex and Hannah Laman were the exception, co-founding Adopt a Book in the fall of 2011 when they were just 8 years old.

In the Garden of Eads

Driving up the narrow, curving gravel drive of Dale Eads’s property, the path bends to reveal a fully renovated 1870s house embraced by a lush landscape. The home, on a hill just east of historic downtown Loveland, is a striking Victorian with a wide front porch and climbing ivy. Unique architectural features like original sandstone gate pillars (found buried on the…

Bites, Brews and Views

With the river, the bike trail and the ample green space, summer in downtown Loveland is just begging to be enjoyed outside. Drop by any day or night of the week, and you’ll find people of all ages walking, biking or running, eating, drinking and socializing. And sometimes all of the above, in no particular order.

Road Trip

If there’s one thing the Holman brothers know, it’s trucks—the best for hauling boats or campers, the right SUV for Winnebagos or winning teams. Still a family-run business, Eric and Greg Holman have carried on their parents’ dealership tradition (a 1945 legacy born down the road from their current 50 acres in Eastgate).

Speakers of the House

 The Picturesque  When your home decorating project requires a compromise between form and function, consider Samsung’s The Frame TV. Switching between television and artwork, it’s ideal in more formal rooms where versatility is key. The Frame’s construction hangs flush against the wall with hidden wiring, and the wraparound frame is changeable and customizable. Plus, it’s available in four options: black, light…