Old School

Zipping down Loveland-Madeira Road, you’ve probably passed Margie Bove’s antique emporium a thousand times over the last 35 years. I know I have! Imagine my delight when I finally ventured inside a few weeks ago, discovering not only the picture-perfect Corner Coffee Café but also a delightfully curated collection of antiques, priced to sell.

From Gutted to Glorious

Maria Bevington opens her front door with a sunny smile. Immediately, she makes you feel welcome. Comfortable. At home, even though it’s not your own. Her husband, Chad, joins you, adding to the warmth and ease. No surprise that the Bevingtons’ open kitchen—rather, their entire first floor—emits those same feelings of cozy reception. Sit down, the room seems to say.…

A Legacy of Style

Maybe you’ve never been in. Maybe you’ve been a customer for decades. Either way, when you step through the red double doors and into the welcoming showroom of Verbarg’s Furniture and Design, you’ll be treated like family.

Blind Love

“My specialty is consultation. I come to your home, ask questions … I find out exactly how you use a room, how things need to work.”

Got Your MoJo Workin’?

What began as an idea to help stay-at-home moms return to the workforce has snowballed into a deeply structured program tailored toward anyone in transition. Focus, direction, self-awareness, confidence—these are but a few baseline results that come from working with MoJo Advantage. Celebrating two years in business this month, the one-of-a-kind firm is primed to bring its signature brand of…

Cycle Up

“We wanted to create a community … we wanted our riders to know each other, to keep coming back because of the friends they made here. We were vested in that from the beginning.”

Hot Off the Press

While the bold, graphic lines and mid-mod feel of Ink + Craft’s nature-inspired linocut prints may seem appealingly simple, the process is anything but. From choosing the perfect materials to meticulously sketching, planning and executing each print, the process takes tremendous patience and skill.

Frame of Reference

When Veronique Hammons purchased an existing Harper’s Point frame shop two decades ago, she was new to the area, not to mention the industry. Having recently married Cincinnati-born, bass-baritone Thomas Hammons, the Brussels transplant didn’t have a strong background in fine art before launching her eponymous Gallery Veronique.

Fit to Hit

The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows … I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees ... But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward … 

Healthy Measures

Preparation and planning for peace of mind are as vital for financial health as they are for the physical. But where to start? What steps to take? We turned to Rob Grossheim, CFP, and his team at Family Wealth Advisory Group for perspective, advice and the prescription for success.