Womance Is In the Air 3

Show the Females in Your Life Some Love with Galentine’s Boxes from Lemons & Limes Boutique

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day filled to the brim with assorted candies in heart-shaped boxes, flower deliveries, dinner reservations and varied expressions of romance—all aimed at showing that special someone in your life how much you love them.

While we fully support these declarations con amore, we also think some affection should be shared with those other special people in your life—starting with the women who surround and support you every day.

From your mother to your mentor, soulmate friend to sister, what better way to show your appreciation and love than with a customized Galentine’s gift box from Lemons & Limes Boutique?

Choose from five themed gift boxes, all of which contain a beautiful necklace and other goodies such as scented soaps, hair coils, bracelets, bath bombs or playful phone chargers—or go custom from the start and build-your-own with Lemons & Limes’ curated mix-and-match favorites. Best of all? Prices range from just $22–$33.

“Take care of those who take care of you,” owner Wendy Knight says. “Friends, moms, sisters, teachers—your Galentines! They all deserve some love this Valentine’s Day!”

LemonsLimesBoutique.com | 301 W. Loveland Ave. | 513.204.9024

1 Spa Sister: Goede Bath Bomb, Sheet Face Mask, Finchberry Sponge, Finchberry Soap, Heart Necklace  

2 Girl on the Go: Bangle Card Clutch with Tassel, Bracelet Stack, Love Script Necklace

3 Love: Morse Code Necklace, Leather Earrings, Beaded Pave Bracelet, Tassel Keychain

4 Girl Power: Lip Balm by Tokyo Milk, Charging Cable, Lauren Lane Hair Coils, Open Heart Necklace

5 Holding It Together: Hair Scarf, Lauren Lane Hair Coils, Bracelet Stack, Heart Necklace