An Apple a Day

When I was selecting photos for this issue’s cover, the runner-up was a photo of apples stacked neatly on a large produce stand—shiny Red Delicious beauties blending into the neighboring Granny Smiths … begging you to select one and take a bite. What instantly came to mind? “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Obviously I didn’t ultimately select that one for the cover … but the thought stayed with me. Wound’t it be wonderful if that’s all it took? Just a daily apple to stay healthy. Unfortunately, it takes a bit more than that to get (and remain) in top shape. And in this issue, we’ve got the best tips on how to do that.

What you put in your body is paramount for good health—so we featured not one but two articles on food (and let’s face it, we love food) in this issue. For good eating habits at home, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market has the expertise to help you change your diet and eat fresh. If you’re looking for a healthy place to eat out (or grab-and-go!), Balance Café & Smoothies is known for using local, fresh often organic ingredients in every single dish and drink.

When it comes to easing aches and pains, Dr. Doug Portmann of Wards Corner Chiropractic & Sports Rehab offers a variety of techniques for some common aliments. I’ve always been a fan of getting an adjustment—and have seen and felt the benefits, too. But there are so many other treatments that can relieve everything from migraines to foot pain. Living with pain doesn’t have to be your normal—nor should it be.

Good personal hygiene is definitely an important aspect of good health and wellness—but what if you didn’t have access to basic necessities like shampoo or cleaning products? For those in the community who struggle to afford these items, the Care Center is there to help. Operating out of Northstar Church, those in need are welcome to come and pick products on a twice-monthly basis. Luckily, the Care Center is expanding into a new, larger building later this fall—enabling them help even more people.

I’m hoping this issue inspires you to make some changes this year, whether with a healthier lifestyle or new start or chance for healing, inside and out. Want to start small? I might suggest at least kicking off with an apple. Maybe even one a day.