Red, Red Wine—Makes Your Smile Not-So-Fine 3

Simple Steps to Keep Your Teeth in Tip-Top Shape

From merlot to cabernet, malbec to pinot, a glass of red wine is considered by many to be the perfect way to relax. The problem is, red wine is also notorious for a tendency to stain otherwise healthy teeth.

Fear not—there are a few easy steps any occasional wine drinker can take to alleviate the impact of red wine on those pearly whites.

“Obviously, always see your dentist regularly,” shares Bonnie Pugh, a hygienist at Michael Kreimer DDS. “That’s No. 1.”

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While routine dental cleanings certainly do contribute to a healthy smile, let’s take a look at a few other tricks that can come in handy.

Brushing your teeth before a night out helps prevent red wine from sticking to your teeth. That story checks out, says Bonnie. “It’s better to brush before,” she advises. “Because you don’t want to brush in the acids [found in wine].”

Seltzer water is also an ally in the battle against unsightly wine stains. “Drink seltzer after wine,” Bonnie advises, pointing out that healthy hydration is also important.

Many wine tastings offer snacks like cheese, which complement the wine but also help fight tooth stains—Bonnie credits the texture of most cheeses for this benefit but notes that other snacks may help, too.

Finally, sometimes the order of different wines you enjoy on any single occasion can matter. “Don’t drink white wine, and then change to red,” Bonnie says. “White wine has acid also, and can make your teeth a bit more primed for the red wine to stain.”

“So start with red, finish with white,” Bonnie laughs. | 10452 Loveland-Madeira Road, Loveland | 513.677.3656