Fashionably Late to the Style Game

When I was 15, I’d run to mailbox every month anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Seventeen magazine. What shoes were in for fall? Does red lipstick go with my skin tone? How do I properly pluck my eyebrows? The answers to these important questions were all found in the glossy pages at my fingertips. As I grew older, my mailbox groaned with the weight of Elle, Cosmopolitan and Vogue (their fall issue was bigger than the phone book), but my excitement never waned. I gobbled up the photo spreads and tips, feeding my fashion fever to the best of my ability (because Lord knows I could never afford anything in those magazines).

Being a busy working mom, I read more Dr. Seuss than Vanity Fair these days, but our September fashion and beauty issue reignited a fire that had cooled some time ago. Maybe it was the fall fashion spread—I want that snakeskin skirt from Alley Boutique!—or perhaps it was the beauty secrets from Embody SKIN Care that struck the match. It’s quite possible it was the enviable closets from Closets by Design. Whatever the spark, my inner 15-year-old was jumping for joy as I cleaned out my wardrobe to make way for some new fall clothes. I even renewed my subscription to Vogue. I figure it’s better to be fashionably late to the style game than to not show up at all. 

My advice? Enjoy this issue with a glass of red wine and a marker of the same shade—trust me when I say you’ll want to circle a few things.