Beach to Backyard, a Trio of Vacay Must-Reads from the Bibliophiles at Loveland’s Library

Treasure Hunters by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

Of course, there’s hidden treasure. And ruthless pirates. A high-seas adventure-mystery perfect for the 9- to 12-year-old (good for the grown-up kid, too). There are also double agents. Rival spies. Kidnapped parents! Plus two twins (and their annoying older sibs) who tell the tale and lead the chase to find their missing mom and dad. An action-packed escapade that Library Services Assistant Tonia H. thinks even the most stubborn reader will be unable to resist. Best of all? It’s the first in a series.

The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

Potter and Python fans, Austen admirers, Beatles and Bronte buffs—if you haven’t met Special Operative Thursday Next, you’re in for a wild ride. Don’t be put off by the ’01 pub date—Teen Librarian Amy P. thinks this British-bursting book is a classic you need to visit (or revisit). Famous literary characters are being kidnapped by a dodgy new villain—and when Jane Erye is next, only Thursday can save her. The New York Times calls her equal parts Nancy Drew, Bridget Jones and Dirty Harry. Amy P. calls it all a blend of fantasy, mystery and thriller. They’re both right.

The Boys In the Boat by Daniel James Brown

For something more thought-provoking and evocative (not to mention historically important), Teen Librarian Amy P. offers this dramatic recounting of the American crew team during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Working-class U.S. boys, struggling to thrive amid the Great Depression, pitted themselves against the elite and privileged of all of Europe—and triumphed. Beating the odds, achieving the impossible, rowing for gold and glory in front of Hitler himself, it’s an inspiring account of all that can be achieved when individuals unite for a common purpose.