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Wolterman Law Offers Personalized Solutions for Loveland Businesses, Individuals and Families

As the son of an orthodontist, Steve Wolterman didn’t set out to become an attorney. In fact, he considered following in his father’s footsteps but found himself more interested in business.

Steve attended Clemson University for finance, but then the dot-com bubble burst. Determined to find his calling, he applied to law school at UC and discovered his true passion.

“I thought, I’ll get a JD/MBA and do something in business,” Steve says.

After his first year, Steve got a job at a small tax firm in Blue Ash. He stayed on for an additional year after he graduated, but by September 2008, he was ready for a change. 

“I always envisioned my career as more of a business owner than an attorney, and I still do,” Steve explains. “I thought I’d be a tax attorney and build my own practice. Two weeks after I went out on my own, Lehman Brothers went under.”

Steve weathered the financial crisis well as a fledgling tax attorney. Wisely, he diversified his services, offering estate planning as well as general business. After marrying, he chose to trade his bachelor pad for a suburban house, better suited for a family. A Loveland realtor friend found the Wolterman family a home in Symmes Township and then invited Steve to share space in her Loveland office a few days a month. Sharp and driven as ever, he thrived—and so did his new law business. Relocating to a comfortable, rustic space on Loveland Avenue was a natural next step. But he didn’t stop there.

Steve became a board member for the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance. Expanding services, his practice grew from a one-man outfit to a team of four: two office staff members and another attorney. Matt Metzger, a classmate from law school, now works hand-in-hand with Cassidy Carstens and Amber Rayburn—legal assistant and office manager, respectively—to bring an inviting yet business-savvy mindset to this hometown practice. Tax law, real estate law and estate planning collectively account for the largest portion of the team’s revenue and time. Larger corporate clients are definitely on their roster but on a much smaller scale.

Coming to Loveland was a total lifestyle change and a boon for his business.

“Meeting people in the community, I’ve fallen in love with Loveland.”

Estate Planning Made Easy with Wolterman

1. What They Offer:

  • All aspects of estate planning strategies, administration and representation
  • Basic estate plans such as wills, living wills, end-of-life directives, and medical and financial power of attorney
  • More complex items like trust planning

2. Why It’s Important:

  • To control what happens to your assets and accumulated wealth
  • To ensure your estate goes where you want it to go
  • To enable quick decisions and prevent family discord

3. How to Prep:

  • No need to bring anything in with you
  • A 40-minute conversation to assess your financial situation
  • Documents will be ready for signing within a few days

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