The Antique Peddlers Offers an Outsized Education in Adding Inspired Character to Your Home

Zipping down Loveland-Madeira Road, you’ve probably passed Margie Bove’s antique emporium a thousand times over the last 35 years. I know I have! Imagine my delight when I finally ventured inside a few weeks ago, discovering not only the picture-perfect Corner Coffee Café but also a delightfully curated collection of antiques, priced to sell.

“My husband’s family was always into antiques. His mother would find beautiful things at the Salvation Army, and her house was always full. When I started dating my husband, he already had the antiquing in him, from his mother. So we started going out and looking together,” Margie explains.

She then started buying and selling out of her home with her sister-in-law, refinishing when necessary, teaching herself the trade, little by little. These days, Margie is a trove of inspiration for the design-obsessed. Two steps into the shop, one can’t help but notice her talent for assembling vignettes, arranging all of her wares into little room-like areas. 

“I started doing it because people would come in and tell me, for example, that they were decorating their mantle and they didn’t know what to do. I started putting the vignettes together—mixing different greens together or woods. I’ve actually had women come in and buy the entire setup.”

On the off chance you can’t afford to buy the entire setup, you can hone your own sense of style, something Margie herself has in spades.

“I always tell people to look at magazines. Every time you see a room that you really like, tear it out. After a while, you’ll see patterns in the pages you’re tearing out. Don’t look at just one magazine, either. Look at traditional, country, cottage … a little bit of everything. It’s important to visit different kinds of shops as well. Go to antique malls. Something will jump out at you. Buy that first piece and then start adding to it,” Margie advises.  

Mixing old and new doesn’t just add warmth to a home, it shows much of the owner’s character and interests. It also makes good financial sense.

“If you buy wisely, you can resell it later if your tastes change or if you grow your family. If you buy store-bought things, you’ll just end up giving them away. To me, that’s a waste of money. I would rather invest in a piece that I can afford and know that down the road, I could get my money back, basically using it for free,” Margie says. 

Some of the best investment pieces at the Antique Peddlers are vintage cast-iron lamps that Margie revamps and rewires herself. She also breathes new life into colorful pottery lamps.

“I love the colors—greens, burgundies, whites—they’re just beautiful. If you can’t afford a lot in your room, start with colorful items like these that jump out at you.”

In addition to the lamps, Margie is known for having a wide selection of cupboards from a variety of periods.

“You don’t really see many of the big cupboards. They’re just not that common, even in the (antique) malls. I like to take one big piece and put it in a room and decorate around it.”

And while the in-house Corner Coffee Café was originally started by Margie to drive business into her shop, it is now owned and operated by Joni Lawson and her husband, Rick. They offer an extensive array of coffee drinks, scrumptious baked goods and seasonal salads, soups and sandwiches to fuel your shopping adventure.

“We complement each other. When I opened the café, I saw my antique business really pick up. Then as the café grew, the antique business did as well, and I couldn’t do both. I would say that 50 percent of my sales comes from non-antique people because they are having lunch … and then they run through the shop, find something they love and buy it.”

The Antique Peddlers, 9440 Main Ave., Cincinnati, 513.984.6533,

Corner Coffee Café, 9440 Main Ave., Cincinnati, 513.794.1800