The Art of Making the Extraordinary

There’s a lot of talent in this town. Yes, I’m talking about the artists and the makers, those who use their God-given talents to create beauty on clay, canvas or paper. But also those who’ve perfected the art of taking life’s lemons and making lemonade; those with a penchant for making a difference. This issue features artists and makers of all varieties. 

Case in point, you’ll want to free up more wall space after viewing Ink + Craft’s prints. This local husband and wife duo have their process down pat with prints that are bold, fresh and fun. They’ve followed their passion and are making art a full-time job. 

Check out our article on Gallery Veronique. More important, visit the gallery! Veronique Hammons’ expertise will demystify the process of collecting, and her carefully curated gallery will provide plenty of options at various price points, ensuring you end up with a piece you can’t stop eyeing.

When it comes to making a serious change in your life, Casey Hilmer, co-owner of Power Ryde, knows a thing or two. Switching gears to fitness entrepreneur, Casey, along with mother, Meg, has built a successful business that motivates others not only to lead healthier lifestyles, but give back as well. Don’t miss her amazing story.

What to do when the kids are gone and the nest is empty? Molly Edmondson and JoAnne Kennard wondered the same thing after hearing friends ask this question. Now they have an answer. MoJo Advantage has been helping people figure out what’s next and gives them the courage to start a new career, get back into the workforce or pursue a passion. If you’re at a crossroads, this is the article for you.

Artists and makers create an impact. This issue showcases several artists and makers, but they all have one thing in common—they inspire those around them. They’re masters of their craft and of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. There’s a lot of talent in this town, and we’re happy to share some of it with you.