It always happens this time of year. I pull into the parking lot of my gym the first week of January, and bam, it’s packed. I find a spot in the back of the lot, and I already know that treadmills and elliptical machines will be scarce. I’ll have to wait for every weight machine, and I’ll pass about seven trainers peddling new membership packages to groups of wide-eyed gym rat hopefuls. By the end of the month, I’ll be able to park by the entrance again and maybe scrape a cobweb or two off a Cybex machine.

January is the month we cash in our New Year’s resolutions. We are going to exercise, eat right, get more sleep and give back to the community. We have big plans, and we are going to stick to them—all of them. Well, if you’re like me, you get intimidated by your grandiose plans and end up exercising a fraction of the time you planned (there’s always tomorrow). Nothing is better than multiple weekly pizza nights and Netflix marathons.

This year I don’t have a list of major plans—guaranteeing I won’t revert back to old, bad habits. This year I’m keeping it simple. This year I’m making smaller changes with the hope that humble will lead to big, and this January issue is my inspiration.

Mini New Year’s resolution No. 1: Take one class at TITLE Boxing Club. The first class is free, so I have nothing to lose. Plus apparently it makes you sleep like a baby, so I can check two off my list.

Mini New Year’s resolution No. 2: Try a new healthy recipe once a month. The first recipe on my list is Fond Lunch & Deli’s Sesame Kale and Beet Salad. The fact that I don’t normally cook with root vegetables, and that beets offer numerous health benefits, make this a perfect first recipe.

New Year’s resolution No. 3: Inquire about volunteering. Be sure to read the feature about NEST Community Learning Center. This nonprofit is nothing short of amazing, and they are always looking for volunteers. Even if I can’t volunteer on a regular basis, a phone call is the first step to figuring it out.

Hopefully, this issue will help inspire some mini resolutions of your own. You don’t need to overhaul your life. Sometimes a few small life tweaks can lead to big unexpected changes.