Grade Scale

When the Ohio Department of Education released its annual report card for public schools earlier this fall, Loveland High School was one of six local high schools to receive the very highest marks. Graded with the traditional A to F, Loveland won praise in Achievement, Progress, Graduation Rate and Gap Closing. While the high school received an A, the school district took home a B, one of five districts in Hamilton County to do so. A more comprehensive look at the achievement of both students and staff can be accessed via the Loveland School District Quality Profile, supported by the Alliance for High-Quality Education.

Brush Script

Gallery Veronique, the Harper’s Point mecca for art lovers that features everything from classic Frank Duveneck portraits to Estella Fransbergen’s clay torso sculptures, is now showing work by Frank Satogata. A Hawaiian transplant, Frank’s colorful abstract expressionist paintings are heavily influenced by his childhood home as well as his Japanese heritage. A former adjunct professor at University of Cincinnati’s DAAP and the Art Institute of Cincinnati, he continues to teach painting to both adults and children.

Steak Out

Fine dining veteran Tony Ricci isn’t one to rest on his laurels. The beloved steakhouse restaurateur just opened his third location in Indianapolis. His Lexington outpost opened in 2015, and he’s currently planning renovations to the bar and patio of his original 2010 location here in Loveland. When Tony and his team aren’t serving up the best steaks in town, they’re giving back to the community. This month they’re partnering with Loveland Schools and Loveland L.I.F.E. Food Pantry to provide Thanksgiving meals to families in need. Now that’s hospitality.

Bistro Set

Tano 2.0 has returned to the local dining scene. Gina and Gaetano Williams came back from the Loveland fire better, faster and stronger. In September, they re-opened their downtown bistro and have plans to open a third location (Take Home Tano being their second) in Hamilton in early 2019. The Williamses purchased the building for Tano Bistro Loveland and have added a second-floor banquet facility as well as a third-floor rooftop terrace, both handicapped accessible via a brand-new elevator. Stop in soon and check out the new